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a catalogue of errors

the brief was set with the intention to push us into creating the unpredictable.

One of the first things that came to mind was a BMX rider, Tate Roskelley performing alternative (and often mind-boggling) tricks on his bike. I knew a lot of the stunts Tate did took a lot of skill and hours of attempts, but they still inspired me to create something similar.

i took one attempt using my bike, catapulting the bean bag way too high.

For the real-thing, I chose to stamp on the see-saw with my foot instead, making it slightly more accurate, yet still highly unpredictable. Each landing location of the bean bag was recorded.

Finally, these locations were plotted on a diagram, with a heat map created from the quantity of points in each area. For the submission, a video was also created – see below for the final result!

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