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a-pillar restoration

OEM A-pillars and roof lining are often prone to fail over time simply because of the heat they withstand. However, 1990-200s cars, somehow seem to be even more susceptible to this issue, while also having availability of spare parts being phased out. So, for the owners that want to take care of their car of this era, replacement parts are often rare, expensive, or poor quality replicas.

Using my new skills of automotive upholstery, I took two bare plastic A-pillar substrates, missing both the foam and fabric material. I sourced correct replacement material, and set out re-upholstering them.

With the knowledge I’d picked up from several previous upholstery projects, the A-pillars turned out almost perfect, and should last for at least a fair few years.

Overall, the material cost was £20 for enough fabric and some spare, with minimal use of high temperature contact adhesive, and only taking up an hour or two of time. This ultimately saved an incredible amount of money!

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