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bespoke drawing compass

When doing precise drawing work, I’d always get frustrated with the holes that get pierced in the paper when drawing circles with a typical compass. I’d also be disappointed I couldn’t draw accurate circles with a pen without a large circle stencil.

Instead of giving in and shelling out for the Rotio that I had always dreamed of, I decided to create my own pierce-less compass, optimised for 3D printing. My aim was to make it easy to disassemble to replace or clean the parts easily, while also wanting a seamless, zero fixing appearance.

The main features of the compass include:

-   Offers 22 different diameters of circle
-   Prevents pierced holes appearing in engineering drawings, as required
-   Smooth operation with use of sealed bearing
-   Pencil holes large enough for thick ballpoint pens, up to around 1mm line thickness
-   Great stability and grip from the O-ring on the foot
-   Easy to disassemble with a small screwdriver for repair and cleaning

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