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destruction toolkit concept

In early-november, still with over seven weeks until Santa will come down the chimney – is there anything worse than Christmas songs being played?

In this one-week Microbrief project, with a brief of finding ‘something you resist vehemently and create a designed response to it’.

it is used to prevent the likes of Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé from playing far too early in the year.

The project began thinking about where unwanted Christmas song’s are heard. These places usually do not allow public access to the playlist, so external methods of destructive and non-destructive prevention were considered.

The tools in the case consisted of:

  • EMP device – Jamming electromagnetic pulses from some wireless stereo’s, preventing the signal reaching the speakers.
  • White noise speaker – For cancelling out the sound coming from the speakers in the user’s location.
  • Laser torch – Ability to point and melt/burn speaker cones from a distance until the music dies out completely, allowing the ultimate minimal Christmas-song listening experience!
  • Neodymium magnet on telescopic pole – Distorts the movement of the speaker, slowly wearing out the diaphragm, until it will likely go pop.
  • Ear plugs – If all-else fails, some good ear plugs will shut the sound out!

guaranteed to create a stress-free run up to Christmas!

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