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exercise bike phone holder

Many ‘Weekend Warrior’ exercise bikes come with basic equipment, such as a bottle cage and simple telemetry data on an LCD screen.

it is uncommon to find phone holders incorporated into the design of the bike.

Obviously, a normal cycling phone holder could mount awkwardly onto the handlebars. However, when you have the capability to create something bespoke for the bike, that adds functionality, rather than hinders it, it is difficult to turn the opportunity down.

It was requested the holder would have space for a phone, keys, jewellery and earphone case; with capability of using alongside the current LCD screen.

i wanted to test the capabilities of my 3D-printer.

The design includes a main tray and removable phone holder unit, secured using a three point T-slot fixing system for rigidity. The phone holder unit is constructed out of four separate pieces for printing ease, joined with stainless self-tapping hardware, and includes charging cable cutouts compatible with a range of phones.

Luckily, an unused area of handlebar was available to fix the unit to, so produced three printed clamps, adjustable in tension (from recessed fixing bolts) and position. The original LCD screen location would prevent function of the phone holder, so it was relocated from the face of the stem to the rear of the new phone holder tray to keep both screens close together. Several test pieces were created for finding the optimum angle of the LCD screen in its new location.

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