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‘hail and ride‘ high bench.

‘Hail and Ride’ is a section of bus route that do not have dedicated bus stops.

The poor integration with travel apps and internal bus screens that people new to the area experience, means it is often difficult for these to catch the bus, and know where they can be dropped off.

even locals are often unsure where the bus route is.

When investigating this issue, we found the real issues with Hail and Ride stem from problems with: accessibility, consistency, and passenger confidence.

ultimately, this made an unpleasant experience for passengers.

We proposed a commentary on these issues of Hail and Ride, creating a retrofit bench that is supposed to help improve experience, but installed at height to ensure the passenger can see the bus approaching. The installation height was also intended to highlight the accessibility issues that passengers face, making it out of reach for many.

Special thanks to the rest of the team: Nikolai Aarre, Amelia Wong, and Zhixi Dai.

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