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how can repairable upholstery help a chair last longer?

Over time chairs haven’t really changed. Since this style of chair was created, upholstery has been permanently stapled in place to keep manufacturing costs low.

but what if you could easily change upholstery based on your latest décor?

People could have a completely new aesthetic with minimal effort and cost. There would be much less furniture waste. There is even possibility to create a market for buying and selling lower-cost covers. Heck, even an entirely new ecosystem can be created based off changing this one archetype.

this chair is an exploration into what the next step towards this ecosystem could look like.

The simple two-part design allows it to still feel like a traditional chair, while also overcoming many of the difficulties found in traditional upholstery. It is also as easy as possible for the consumers to remove and install, yet offers an equivalent finish to the current chairs.

While not shown in the photos, the ambition is to use magnets to join both sections along the exposed flange, and will be my next steps in developing this concept.

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