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how can we improve OEM sunvisors?

As part of owning a commercial van, it is accepted that some ‘normal’, yet surprising features will not have been installed. One of the more surprising features that are rarely installed are sunvisors with vanity mirrors, with a horrible-feeling blank sunvisor put in as their replacement.

For many van owners, these sunvisors are one of the first things they have high hopes to change. That is until they actually look for replacements.

The only option for owners in this situation is to attempt source a set of sunvisors from the higher-spec vans, that are not only extremely rare and expensive, but have comically small vanity mirrors and look equally as cheap as the standard sunvisors.

they have a comically small vanity mirrors and look equally as cheap as the standard versions.

To overcome this issue, I wanted to create my own vanity mirror assembly that’s designed to be manufactured and retrofit into a modified standard sunvisor easily. This not only allowed me to increase the size of the mirror, but have full flexibility of how the mirror unit interacts with the rest of the visor.

it allowed me to truly optimise the small amount of packaging space inside the visor.

Ultimately, I was able to push the quality of the overall sunvisor in terms mirror size, mechanism quality, manufacturing ease and designing them to have the best possible upholstery finish.

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