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measurement device concept

How many times have you wanted to know how much you can lean your bike over round corners?

never? cool, me neither.

A project mainly out of curiosity for the one week-long measurement device microbrief, I wanted to see just how far I would lean into corners on my road bike. My aim was to keep the device as analogue as possible and prototyped from material I had lying around from other projects. To do this, I looked at older methods of angle-measurement, such as plumb-bobs and early 1900’s construction measurement devices.

To prove the concept, I attached the device to my bike, alongside a GoPro, and went for a spin.

unfortunately, there was an oversight in the design - centrifugal force.

The whole reason cyclists lean into corners is to counteract this centrifugal force… This meant as the bike leant over, the force would keep the string perfectly at zero degrees. This time, it was admittedly a failed project – if I was to do it again, I would completely re-think the concept.

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