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second car killer.

More often than not, two car households would talk about their first car being a requirement, but their second car as a convenience.

The word ‘convenience’ stuck with me, forming the project into an exploration of how we could develop a transportation method that combines the benefits of owning and riding a bike (such as avoiding traffic, getting exercise, and easy parking) with the convenience typically associated with a second car.

how could we flip our current assumptions about cars and bikes on its head, to actually get the best of both worlds?

Ultimately, this concept aims to support the individual conveniences offered by the second car, including ample luggage space for items like sports gear, as well as pockets for smaller items usually kept in a car's centre console or on the passenger seat.

if you had to ride around with a massive amount of luggage space when you didn’t always need it, how convenient would that actually be?

For this reason, the luggage area can be collapsed or expanded at any time, released with the push of a lever on the handlebar. This means you can effortlessly take your backpack, coat and keys to work in the morning, and not have to worry when you forgot that you needed to do your family’s weekly shop on the way home.

Yes, you could take your regular items in a pannier bag, or buy a bottle holder for your water, but that isn’t convenient.

Instead, this concept aims to suitably carry your everyday ‘things’ without having to go out of your way at any point in time.

graduation exhibition model

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