following etiquette, scone is pronounced ‘skon’, rhyming with ‘gone’.

this can‘t be right.

the only way it should be pronounced is ‘skone’, to rhyme with ‘bone’.

world‘s first non-savoury designer!  


i just want to design cool things.

Imagine a world where everything that you saw was cool. How everything challenged the normal design archetypes. How inspiring would that be? Creating that environment is a dream of mine.

I want to create quality things with great detail and craftsmanship. Balance every aspect of design to produce the best outcome possible, while doing so with a critical eye.

I feel the current circumstances must be reconsidered to be fulfilling for the needs of both the planet and people, not neither. There is a large hole opening up from current environmental concerns, creating a perfect opportunity to think differently. However, there is a much greater benefit to be had than just for the planet, including for our daily lives.

why Jam Scones?

heres a bad Haiku to let you know.

Sam Jones is a boy,

You switch his initials round,

Then add C. Jam Scones.

told you it was bad.

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