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what could the future of physical craft look like?

When you strip its beauty back, there was no logical reason for me to make a butterfly joint using traditional craft methods. It takes a massive amount of time and effort, and there are many other joints that can create a stronger 90-degree connection. Despite this, I just kept coming back to it.

am I just weird?

The process of making traditional Japanese joints allowed me to experience the feeling of finely tuned traditional tools. Each cut on the pull of the sword-style handle, every piece of timber shaved with the freshly sharpened chisel. Each motion giving a feeling of calm.

It taught me that craft is the understanding and relationship that is built over time. It is the empathy to your tools and materials. It is the years of labour to finally achieve a result that looks absolutely perfect. 

maybe I‘m not weird after all.

Although modern processes have little satisfaction, craft can still be found. It could be in the details of using software, or in optimally setting up a machine to best achieve the outcome. Modern craft is simply having the same empathy for what’s inside the ‘black box’ of digital processes, as using traditional tools.

In all of this, there is still calm that comes with making. It is just found in different forms.

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